Salted Caramel American Brown Ale - reviews from Beer Jerk members

July 2019

Rob - Great combination upfront of malt and bitterness, finishing with a subtle aftertaste of sweet, salted caramel. An original, well balanced and very clever beer. I was pleasantly surprised.
James - The salt enhances flavours that differ from the rich sweetness of last week. A similar, yet very different beer!
Nick - A modern beer capitalising on the current salted caramel taste trend. With pink Himalayan salt! Great beer too, with excellent balance of malt, caramel, salt, chocolate and alcohol.
Darren - Enjoyed mine, great flavor, going to pop into their brewery on way home tomorrow and grab some more.
Garth - Enjoyable on its own, and pairs well with desert including chocolate ice-cream. Delicious
Vishal - Yum. Food matched it with more whittaker's dark salted caramel just to give another layer on those malty layers... Welcome to 2019 dear old Brown ale!
Robert - Really like this week’s choice. Salty, sweet, and malty.
Bruce - It’s nice, hints of saltiness, it’s smooth and drinkable.
Trevor - I am really enjoying this beer style. It’s relatively new (surprisingly) to me.
Ged - Another good winter beer. More chocolate than caramel to me but definite salty notes. Smooth full mouthfeel and long finish. Excellent.
Alistair - The rich chocolate undertones of then beer are great matched with dark salted caramel chocolate and the beer begins to sing. Excellent beer.
Mike - Ooh that's nice. Pretty intense. Good reminder, to this hophead, of what can be done with malt.
Garth - Thoroughly enjoyed this one tonight, just a bit of saltiness and a rich sweetness coming through with caramel and chocolate.
Michael - Pleasing caramel maltiness, nice drinking.
Simon - Best Beer Jerk beer I’ve had. Smooth, rich, creamy. Bloody delicious. Send me a dozen.