Shipping news

The stainless-steel is on its way. Well almost. Just a few tweaks and adjustments (tinkers?) and it will be sailing the seven seas, or at least all the seas between China and Wellington.

First impressions? It looks massive! Compare it with our current set-up…its over 100 times bigger. Far out, that is a lot of beer.

And how big must the Tianti building be? Imagine a factory that makes factories and we might get close to comprehending the scale.

What is in that shiny line-up? Here are the specs…

A 2400 litre three vessel brewhouse beauty of stainless-steel including:

·      a mash tun (the mixing-it-up bit)

·      a lauter tun (the running-water-through-the-grain bit)

·      a brew kettle and whirlpool (the boiling bit and the swirly bit)

·      four double sized fermenters (the shiny bits)

·      a bright beer tank (the conditioning bit)

·      a grain mill (the crushing-it-up bit)

·      a bottling line (the noisy bit)

·      a hot liquor tank (the hot-water-storage bit)

·      a cold liquor tank (yes, you guessed it – the cold-water-storage bit)

·      a glycol tank (the keeping-it-all-cold bit)

·      heaps and heaps of pipes and hoses (the joining-it-all-together bits)

See you soon oh lovely Tinker Tailor brew-kit.

Cheers to a safe and speedy passage.

craft beer brewery equipment
craft beer brewery equipment
craft beer brewery equipment