A celebration of bottling - event invitation

The big focus over the last few months has been the bottling machine.

Talk about a labour of love. Between them Tim and Chris (and Deano and John and the other Tim and countless others behind the scenes) have spent literally hundreds of hours lovingly (and not so lovingly sometimes!) restoring our second-hand bottler. Now it is running like an absolute charm. Every single seal has been replaced. Every single moving part has been taken apart, or polished, or remade, or modified. Sometimes all of the above. Our handy team of engineers have made a whole ton of improvements along the way so the machine just sings. Even as a non-engineer I can appreciate what an amazing place we’ve got to. The bottler is now a joy to operate. And totally mesmerising to watch. As of this week we now have four different beers in bottles – APA, Vienna Lager, XPA and IPA. Already rolling out to retail outlets near you. So awesome.

As you can imagine we are beyond excited to reach this milestone. And we want to celebrate it all with you. So we’ve created the first ever Bar at the Brewery event. Saturday 17 November 4-9pm. Please join us for a celebration of bottling.

craft beer bottling machine Tinker Tailor brewery
Bar at the Brewery event Tinker Tailor