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One part perfection. One part play. Tinker Tailor is a true celebration of curiosity and craft.

Tinker has the knack. Tailor has the knowledge - these two are truly one of a kind.

Tinker Tailor. Twice as good.


American Brown Ale

Our American Brown Ale is tailored true-to-style. Discover a delicious blend of big malt flavours, golden caramel and a hint of buttery chocolate. Smooth, subtle and satisfying.

Pairs well with most foods. Perfectly complements a BBQed steak or chargrilled kumara.



Salted Caramel

American Brown Ale

Tinker’s travelled the earth to bring you this tasty brew. Our American Brown Ale has been sprinkled with the finest Himalayan rock salt to discover an unrivalled balance of sweetness and saltiness. A comforting concoction.

Try contrasting the subtle sweetness with an aged cheese for a taste-testing combination.




Our American Pale Ale is tailored true-to-style. Striking the perfect balance between citrus hops and pale malts. Pleasant bitterness complements a pastry sweetness for a clean, smooth finish. A true classic.

Pair it with fish and chips to enjoy a classic combination.



Fresh hop APA

Tinker’s embraced the once-a-year excitement of freshly-harvested hops. Our APA has been finished with herbaceous Nelson sauvin hops straight from the vine. A subtle, citrus experience.

For an adventurous food match try contrasting with slow-cooked pork belly. Or complement the freshness with a crisp green salad.



Hazy APA

Tinker’s gone a bit crazy with this one. Our APA’s been amped up with wheat, stone fruit flavours, and buckets of hops. An opaque and opulent offering.

Try it with a spicy Thai curry to get your tastebuds really going.




Tinker’s flipped the switch on this crowd favourite. Our APA’s malt has been swapped out for a lighter pilsner malt. Some would say it’s a perfect evolution, less bitter, less hops but heaps of fresh flavours. Enjoy crushed lime and honey-dew melon notes. Extra pale, extra delicious.

Pairs well with your favourite spicy Mexican dish.




Our Indian Pale Ale is tailored true-to-style. Bold, tropical hop flavours of mango, strawberry and nectarine perfectly balance fragrances of pine and papaya. Refined and refreshing

Try a glass with a platter of spicy Indian chutneys, samosas, and poppadoms.



Black IPA

Tinker’s gone over to the dark side! Our IPA has been blended with black malts to create a memorable mash-up of espresso and evergreen. A surprisingly sensuous sip

Pairs well with sharp cheeses such as a smoked gouda.




Our Lager is tailored true to style. Its crystal clear, pale colour hints at the tantalising tastes of this flavourful classic. We’ve gone light on the hops to create an easy-drinking beer. This is what craft lager is all about.

Serve with sushi, or grilled lemon chicken.



Vienna Lager

Tinker’s revived a piece of history for this cold one. Our Lager has been fused with toasty Vienna malts that date back to Europe over 200 years ago.The same malts create a surprising, chestnut hue. A traditional taste with a crisp, refined finish.

Pairs really well with a beef burger.



American Stout

Tinker’s cranked up the dial for this black beauty. Our stout recipe’s been infused with dark chocolate and vanilla molasses for a warm, full-bodied and creamy richness.

A perfect, drink-beside-the-fire beer.

Highlight the coffee aroma when paired with a tiramasu. Or enjoy it with corned beef hash on a cold winter's evening.


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