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Imagine finding yourself the co-owner of a craft brewery, but knowing next-to-nothing about beer! 

You may wonder how on earth that could possibly happen, but this is exactly the situation I found myself in a couple of years ago. Overnight I was surrounded by speakers of an apparent foreign language – porters and pilsners, lagering and lautering, milling and mashing, whirlpools and worts.

Help! I needed to find out everything I could about this business of beer. Or at least enough to carry out a semi-intelligent conversation! 

But how to even get started? Turns out my years of experience in the world of policy and planning had taught me two very valuable (and transferable) skills – researching and writing.

 I started to gather my materials (books, industry publications, other beer blogs, and of course trusty old Google), talked to the experts, and set about trying to find answers to all of my beer-related questions…

Welcome to Basically Beer

Here you’ll find an ever-expanding selection of my learnings on topics such as:

·      ABV, APA, IPA, IBU -what do all those acronyms stand for?

·      What style should I try first?

·      Do I need a beard to drink craft beer?

And because I enjoy food and could most definitely talk and write about that for ever, there’ll also be plenty of articles about my new love interest – beer and food matching.

From the mundane to the ridiculous. From absolute basics, to things even your average craft beer nerd might not know (or even care about!). This is my quest for craft beer knowledge. Join me on the journey!



P.S You most definitely don’t need a beard to enjoy craft beer!

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