Why we love Vienna Lagers (and you should too!)

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a craft beer that combined the flavour of an ale with the crispness of a lager?

Vienna Lager craft beer Tinker Tailor bottle

Turns out a beer style from almost 200 years ago is just what we are after. We’ll show you why we love Vienna Lagers and you should too.

Take an English-style, ale-malt making process, and combine it with the German lager-brewing technique – you've created the Vienna Lager. This traditional European-style beer may just be original mash- up!

"But its red..."

The first thing you’ll notice about a Vienna Lager is its gorgeous colour. Amber-red, almost chestnut, and beautifully clear.

“Hang on a minute” you’ll say as your brain does a bit of a flip-flop. “How can a beer that calls itself a lager be so dark? This isn’t what a lager should look like.”

But I can assure you - you haven’t been poured the wrong beer! The red colour is the result of a unique malting process that dates back to the 1800s. Vienna Lagers share a common history with the perhaps more widely known Märzen (or Oktoberfest) beer style.

The best part about a Vienna Lager?

It’s a great, easy-drinking style, usually around five percent alcohol. Malty, rather than hoppy, the flavours are delicate, caramelly, but with a complex toastiness. All delivered in a lovely, crisp, clean lager. Not too bitter, not too sweet. Just right we reckon.

That’s not all.

Vienna Lagers are a great food matching choice. The malty sweetness pairs superbly with all kinds of grilled meats – why not try a Vienna with a beef burger. Barbequed vegetables are also a great choice. Or honour its European heritage by serving it up with bratwurst and mustard.