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Does your beer have the X factor?

extra pale ale craft beer

Have you noticed that XPAs seem to be popping up everywhere? If you’re anything like us we couldn’t help but wonder what exactly does that X in XPA stand for?

It seems most people agree that the X in XPA stands for “extra”. But extra what is the real question? Is it extra pale? Or does the extra-ness refer to alcohol, flavour, or hops?

Depending on what school of thought you subscribe to you end up describing very different types of beers.

Here’s why we are definitely in the XPA is extra-pale Pale Ale camp!!

Delicate in colour, refreshing and easy to drink XPAs tend to be lower in alcohol making them great for enjoying at say a summer BBQ, or while you are hanging out with your mates watching cricket say.

The paler colour can be achieved by playing around with the grain bill– going lighter on the caramel and sweet malts, but still with plenty of hop flavour. The result in a crisper beer that leans towards a pilsner, but still with hoppiness of a Pale Ale.

Tinker Tailor XPA craft beer label

Quaffability is the aim. Reduce the alcohol but don’t sacrifice the flavour! An XPA normally sits around below the five per cent mark, making it possible to enjoy more than one. XPAs are a definite counter move away from “one-and-done” super hoppy offerings that demand all your attention.

An XPA is super versatile when it comes to food matching. A fine XPA pairs well with your favourite spicy Mexican dish, a simple grilled chicken salad, or even fries.

At Tinker Tailor, we’ve developed a fantastic XPA that’s a more session-able version of our popular American Pale Ale. Extra pale in colour, you'll love its fresh-crushed lime character. Combined with the white-wine fruitiness of honey dew melon and strawberry this is a perfect beer to drink on a slow relaxing day with your mates.