American Brown Ale - reviews from Beer Jerk members

July 2019

Nick - I just loved the mouth-filling beeriness of the whole glass. The chocolate and malt were perfect for the cold wet wintery night outside and hot fire inside
Vishal - A classic brew! As you'd expect really, the bitters are strong in this one... Quite enjoying just nursing it like the old man I aspire to be.
Raj - Amazing beer. Delicious. Moreish.
Bruce - What an absolute smashingly good beer. It’s got great malty flavour and a nuttiness that is superb to taste. Overall the best beer of the trip to America was a bottle of American Brown Ale made in ........... Plimmerton!!
Simon - Right up there for me. Not to heavy for a darker beer. Great in winter, still probably good in summer
Ivor - Every time I drink a Beer Jerk brown beer I wonder why I don't drink more of them. I particularly liked the balance of the classic brown ale maltiness and the extra kick of the bitter. Great stuff.
James - I love malty beers and this is no exception! I taste coffee, caramel, and a hint of chocolate. Yum!
Moppie - Was a very nice beer, and great to see a Brown Ale getting lots of love. It's a style of beer we really need to learn to appreciate more and encourage more people to drink so brewers have a reason to make more of them.
Garth - Delicious. Nicely done with just a hint of caramel and chocolate coming through, a little bit toasty and very drinkable. Enjoying it in front of the fire after a couple of long days travelling. Cheers
Karl - This is banging. So much flavour and so well balanced.
Ged - A winter treat for the cold weather. Malty, chocolate nose, beautiful mouthfeel with notes of burnt caramel. Delicious
Alistair - Matched this weeks beer with a beautiful steak. Great caramel notes of the beer and aromas makes for a great match.
Mike - I was a bit "meh" before trying it, but ended up loving it. Thought I got some sweetness from the malt, but I could taste bitterness long after. Good stuff. I should try brown beers more often.
Luke - This reminds me of growing up in Southland and being allowed a sip of beer as a kid - nostalgic and tasty!
Andy - Malty, nutty, smells like a beer hall.
Garth - Very smooth, with a hint of caramel and chocolate coming through
Liam - Enjoyable, toasty malts, caramel and chocolate. Not too hoppy and just the right amount of bitter. Cheers
Dave - Smokey, nutty brown. Quite easy to drink and easy to lose track of. A little forgettable but quite lovely nonetheless
Paul - This week's beer is what I love about Beer Jerk. Most people look at a brown ale and turn thier nose, or won't give it a first thought and go for the IPA on tap. To see so many great reviews of a brown ale because they've had to try it warms the cockles of my heart. And hopefully the next time you see a brown ale on tap you'll give it a second thought before getting the IPA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Cheers, from all the brewers who make brown ales.

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